Detox Juice Recipes You Can Try

The detox diet has become popular in recent years as one convenient alternative of consuming a lot of nutrients in just one drink. The experts recommend 6 – 8 servings of veggies per day and a lot of people might find this difficult to achieve. In juicing, you can eat a lot of veggies and fruits without actually devouring them whole. In fact, you will have more nutrients from juices than eating the fruits as a whole.   

There are many things that detox juice provides. Many people drink this to lose weight or to be generally healthy. This provides rest to your digestive system from working on fiber. Aside from removing toxins from your body, it also boosts your immune system and makes you lose weight.  

Even skin experts like the Breckenridge Dermatology recommend natural juices to make your skin young and healthy.  

A juice detox is a diet that consists of juicing and is consumed in a short period of time. It can even replace a whole meal too.  

1.Green Celery Juice 

Green celery juice is healthy detox juice. The celery contains iron, phosphorous, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and important amino acids. Aside from the celery, you can also try mixing some apple chunks, kale, lime, lemon, ginger, and parsley. Mix these all and blend. You can add one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil for sweetening. 

2.Beet Juice 

Beets are a good source of vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, folate, and others. It is also a good cleanser of your body. Aside from the beets, you can also add some apples (2 apples chopped), blackberries, and fresh ginger (1/2) to make this juice. 

Some also add some carrot and celery. 

3.Green Spinach Juice 

The green spinach juice is a good detox juice that also provides a good amount of energy to boost you the whole day. You may add some sweetening like honey because the spinach is naturally bitter like most green veggies. Aside from the spinach, you can add celery, ginger, lemon, apple, and kale. The kale is also rich in nutrients while low in calories.  

4.Green Detox Juice for Allergy 

This juice effectively fights seasonal allergies so you may want to try this when you have a reactive body. It is made of pineapple, cucumber, lemon, apple, grape, and parsley. The vitamin C in this juice is superb and can fight allergic reactions.  

5.Lotus Juice 

This juice is made of simple ingredients that create a unique combination. This sweet, herbal juice can be a good alternative to your ordinary juices. All you need are some fuji apples, lime, ginger, fresh rind, white basil leaves and sprigs cilantro.  

6.The Garden Green Coco 

This juice is mostly made from coconut. Coconut is used in different methods and for different purposes. It is even used for skin. Coconuts are rich in electrolytes and potassium, which can be a very good alternative for your post-workout drinks and a good beverage for this summer. All you need are some coconut, green kale, spinach, and banana.  

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